Exclusive Interview With Tim Green

Exclusive Interview With Tim Green

Interview | 28.05.2015

UpFrontBeats caught up with Tim Green recently to ask him a few question about his current release on Tim’s very own Disc Over Music. The “We Thought” Ep has been gaining massive support recently from the likes of Radio 1, and has been implemented into Sven Vath’s set recently at the Ibiza Music Summit, stamping its mark on the ibiza season.

During the interview we also got to ask Tim about his future plans and what he has in store for Disc Over Music.

Could you summarise how the first half of the year has been for you and which highlights stand out the most?

Ive been in my studio heavily finishing off a lot of new music which has been coming out over the course of this year, so it’s been very nice to be travelling less, but missing travelling at the same time haha. One highlight was playing at a fantastic night in Istanbul for “Wake Up Call”, really had a lot of fun there!

Tell us your thought process and how you went about producing the “We Thought” EP?

Well the 2 tracks are very very old now. So I have been road testing them for a very long time. We Thought was inspired by going to parties at “Electric Pickle” in Miami. I always got a special vibe going there and playing there. I loved dropping We Thought for the first time at the club too, which was several years ago now. The main track Scar I really wanted to be a cross between this solid dark groove and main melodic hooks. I always like the kind of structures in a track where the main melodic hook mainly happens in the drop downs, so its quite large and open sounding, then when it drops, it strips itself down to just the groove and baseline. I always think about music structure in terms of art / shapes and colours along a chronological timeline.

How did the Borrowed Identify and Reber Remixes come about?

I really love the productions of Borrowed Identity, have been really interested in his music for a while now and think its going to be really interesting in where he goes with his music in the future. So I was really excited he wanted to do a remix. We’ve never met before though, so just the fun communication over the internet haha. But I really love his remix of We Thought, kept it very simple but super effective with my original elements.

How this particular Reber remix came about was because Anthony (Reber) was over in England to come join in the fun at my last Disc Over Music Party we did in Kent UK, with Appollonia playing. Which again was a long time ago now, but with Reber’s release already finished and secured on Disc Over Music, we realised it would be a great idea for him to remix Scar. Plus a nice way to start on the label before his own release. We gave him the parts and he came back quite soon with a remix which for some reason I just wasn’t feeling. I must of been in a bad mood haha. But some time passed again and after hearing a more finished and updated version, I realised how great it really was! Very happy to have both these strong remixes on my release!

Do you have any more remixes yourself in the pipe line?

Yes I have just finished a remix for my good friends M.a.n.d.y., for one of their brand new productions called Montag Machine. I was super happy with how it turned out, its quite driving and me going a bit more techno – I wanted to do something more like the old music you used to find on Get Physical. Stuff by artists like Elektrochemie, Sunsetpeople, Thomas Schumacher, Stephan Bodzin etc….

How will Disc Over Music differ from last year?

I will be releasing and introducing a couple new artists on the label, plus building more on the already current artists on the label. I really want to take the release schedule slow and not over release music, only music that after a long time, and after much road testing, I still am really passionate about. Nothing with a small shelf life basically.

Should we know about any big projects the label has in store?

Well I’m very excited to hear peoples reactions on Reber’s forthcoming release on the label. We have an excellent Rich NXT of Fuse doing a couple of great remixes on there. This is Reber’s first ever release, and he is a really good friend, so I’m very happy I’m releasing his music! Think he’s got some amazing potential!

The summer season has begun, which summer tracks are shining for you at the moment?

Im really loving the track Vitality by Oskar Szafraniec feat. Infinite Livez. Think this is really special this track and will probably be playing ti for a long time!

Old sunshine has to be one of our favourite classic tracks, what would you say is your favourite classic track and why?

Ah thank you very much!

One of my favourite tracks (which isn’t as “classic” or as old as some “classic” tracks are) is the “If Alone (Chateau Flight Dub Mix) of Sideshow from Aus music. I really love this track still and stands such the test of time for me! Always makes me smile.

Whats next for Tim Green in terms of DJing and Producing?

First of all I have a new release coming out on Cocoon in July. 2 tracks I am really happy with, I think some of the best music I have ever written. I also am in the process of mixing the next Get Physical Body Language CD, which I have written an exclusive track for, plus done an exclusive remix for also. Plus I am finishing off a couple new releases for 2 brand new labels I have never released on before, which I can’t reveal just yet, but will soon.

We Thought EP OUT NOW!

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