Andhim - Buenos Aires EP hero


- Buenos Aires EP

Superfriends Records | 16.08.2019

Andhim - Buenos Aires EP cover

Friends with benefits: Andhim follow up their exceptional ‘Duno’ EP with another Superfriends excursion. This time they’re heading west to the heart of South America as the German duo pay homage to the Argentinian capital with ‘Buenos’ and ‘Aires’.

‘Buenos’ takes the lead with a dynamically layered percussive odyssey laced with a dizzying array of pipes and chimes that weave in and out of each other majestically and hypnotically. The second track on the EP, ‘Aires’, takes the same pattern but weaves a whole other narrative layer with Latin pianos and heavier percussive work. Tailored for pure mixing pleasure – you can swim between both versions to create the ultimate ode to one of house music’s most sacred spiritual homes.

‘Last Dance’, a track that will enrapt a crowd from Buenos Aires to Brooklyn via Brixton or Berlin, the title speaks volumes. andhim describe it as “a real hymn.” and “a salute to all the dancers still being on the dance floor when the lights go on.” They’re not wrong; there’s a sense of unity, hope and warmth pumping through those stately chords as we rise and rise to the point of levitation.

Last dance of the night… First dance of the morning. These are the sounds you make true friends to. These are the sounds you need this summer.

Andhim - Buenos Aires EP cover


  • andhim – Buenos
  • andhim – Aires
  • andhim – Last Song



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