Andrea Crestani - Earthly hero

Andrea Crestani

- Earthly

Echoe | 22.03.2019

Andrea Crestani - Earthly cover

Francesca Lombardo’s Echoe imprint kicks off 2019 with a four track EP from Italian up-and-comer Andrea Crestani.

Crestani’s Earthly EP is laden with dense musicality and high levels of finesse. It opens with And So On, which sets things off with rolling kicks and clinical hats, alongside euphoric pads and submerged vocals. A hark back to electronica’s golden years. Lost In Space is another retrospective number that deftly draws from breakbeat and film score arrangements. Something Missing delves deeper into cinematic orchestration, offering a change of pace for listeners and the perfect set opener for DJs alike. Sweet Night closes the package with its beautifully melancholic and rolling composition, held steady via a 4/4 beat, dexterously layered percussion and meditative appreciators.

The EP is a promising sign of things to come for this versatile producer and this latest outing is set to be a staple feature in the sets of more discerning DJ’s for months to come.

Andrea Crestani - Earthly cover


  • Andrea Crestani - And So On
  • Andrea Crestani - Lost In Space
  • Andrea Crestani - Something Missing
  • Andrea Crestani - Sweet Night


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