Borrowed Identity - Amplified House EP hero

Borrowed Identity

- Amplified House EP

Hardgroove | 25.04.2016

Borrowed Identity - Amplified House EP cover

Fresh from delivering a remix of Ron Bacardi for HG22, Borrowed Identity returns to Hardgroove with a full EP, ‘Amplified House’.

Having released on Quintessentials, Stripped & Chewed and Home Taping is Killing Music in the past few years, Borrowed Identity has carved out a neat niche in deep, sample heavy house sounds.

Here, on Hardgroove, we’re treated to four tracks that veer between pounding yet soulful grooves (‘It’s You’ and ’Tribes Drumming’), sparse Dance-Mania-esque tackle (‘LFI’) and hypnotic minimalism (‘Irreversible’).

Borrowed Identity - Amplified House EP cover


  • Borrowed Identity - It’s You
  • Borrowed Identity - LFI
  • Borrowed Identity - Tribes Drumming
  • Borrowed Identity - Irreversible


Borrowed IdentityHardgroove

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