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OMNIDISC | 20.04.2015

Cliff Lothar - Bona Feed cover

OMNIDISC, has enlisted the talents of Cliff Lothar to release the next EP ‘Soul Plonk’ on the label. Daze previewed the track on his Rinse FM take over show earlier on in the month, Cliff Lothar’s ‘Bona Feed’ was one of the stand out tracks of the show. The takeover show also included a 30min guestmix from Cliff Lothar.

‘Bona Feed’ is a instrumental flute heavy driven track with a tight end groove to the production. The build up is big with a solid main line, back up with a nice low-end bass line.

We feel this one is going to big in Danny Dazes locker over the WMC days.

Cliff Lothar - Bona Feed cover


  • Cliff Lothar - Bona Feed


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