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FAMLY Records | 30.05.2019

Cousn - Brain Ticker cover

Rising stars Cousn continue their impressive run-of-form with the two-track Brain Ticker EP. Named as one of Pete Tong’s rising stars for 2019, the duo unveil their third release on their own FAMLY Records imprint with this next release.

“Brain Ticker epitomises what we’re about, it’s chaotic and in your face. With Billy recording the vocals in one take whilst cramped in a cupboard under the stairs at home, anything musically technical gets thrown out the window in favour of capturing that raw energy. Organon on the other hand, introduces a more delicate quality to our production. The chord progression and notation of the track creates a melodic but relentless feeling at the same time which we feel captures a sense of euphoria on the dance floor.” Cousn.

Brain Ticker starts proceedings. With live percussion, the track exudes groove and features a swinging bassline alongside an infectiously catchy vocal sample. Upbeat but similarly penetrating, it has a real punk attitude as whistling hi-hats complete the track’s unique, genre-traversing nature. Second up is Organon. With this, Cousn demonstrate their ability to traverse styles with ease, providing a down-tempo, moving cut that pulls deeply on the heartstrings. An old-skool electro like synth provides rhythm, as soft keys move alongside a whip-like kick.

Cousn are beginning to make real headway in the electronic music scene. Growing up in close-knit musical families, Alfie & Billy Goffey formed the duo after attending Glastonbury when they were sixteen years old. Since then they have spent the last six years honing their craft both in the studio and on the live circuit where they have performed at the likes of DC-10, Warehouse Project, Wilderness, Glastonbury, Motion and Secret Garden Party. Cousn have had a strong start to 2019, after being named as Pete Tong’s ‘Rising Stars’ and also supported Fatboy Slim across all of his UK arena tour dates.

Cousn - Brain Ticker cover


  • Cousn - Brain Ticker
  • Cousn - Organon


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