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De La Swing

- Everyday EP

Elrow Music | 22.12.2018

De La Swing - Everyday EP cover

Elrow Music label boss and tech-house honcho De La Swing is back with a three tracker EP of two originals and one high rolling remix, by the one and only Mathias Kaden.

‘Everyday EP’ opens up with the title track, ‘Everyday (Original Mix)’, a track with a steady but soft percussion, a hip-hopish vocal line that sings about love, and a nice 90’s infused melody by the middle of the track, with an overall vibe that everyone associates with elrow and its parties.

Then we have ‘Creeper (Original Mix)’, that opens with a swifter percussion and starts in full energy thanks to that exotic vocal line we hear in the back of the track. With FX coming and going, the synth treatment De La Swing uses is just mind-blowing and will make the crowd lose it in the middle of the dancefloor, making this carnivalesque track perfect for the busiest times in the dancefloor.

Finally, closing the EP, Mathias Kaden’s remix of De La Swing’s ‘Everyday (Mathias Kaden’s Repitch Remix)’, in which the German producer twist the original track with a steadier and faster vibe, a bit harder, also distorting and playing with the vocal line and keeping the melodies, making it a more playful tune and fitter for peak times in the floor.

De La Swing - Everyday EP cover


  • De la Swing - Everyday (Original Mix)
  • De la Swing - Everyday (Mathias Kaden`s Repitch Remix)
  • De la Swing - Creeper (Original Mix)


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