Eman & El Prevost - Wise Man EP hero

Eman & El Prevost

- Wise Man EP

No Speakers | 15.11.2016

Eman & El Prevost - Wise Man EP cover

This November sees the famed E-man & El Prevost kick start the newly formed No Speakers record label with ‘Wise Man’ featuring remixes by Rob Perry, Mark Broom and KoreVex.

El Prevost established No Speakers in SE London, early 2016 and draws from years of experience. Meanwhile, collaborator E-Man got his start exposed to the music on offer from the burgeoning Ritz in downstate NY: everything from soul & jazz to hip-hop before releasing on internationally renowned labels like Chez and Wave music. Together, El Prevost & E-Man make up a creative force rooted in their versatile experience and devotion to quality house & techno.

E-Man & El Prevost’s original cut ‘Wise Man’ pays homage to the house greats, blending classic kick rhythms with flares of unified spoken word. Paired with unique squelching bass patterns and techno-inspired atmospheres, ‘Wise Man’ does a convincing job of stirring the soul.

Then it’s Rob Perry who initiates remix duties with his unique take on E-Man & El Prevost’s original. Hypnotic bass & drums underpin stuttering vocals & synths, offering the deep, techno tinted sound Perry has become known for.

On the flip, acid and Chicago house legend Mark Broom picks up the pace with his no-nonsense edit. Rippling with energy, the cut offers driving 909 percussion anchored by brooding bass lines. Finally, the up and coming KoreVex provides an artful acidic twist, opting for a tone undeniably darker and full of nuance, yet still imbued with a real sense of soul.

‘Wise Man’ is out on No Speakers 1st (Vinyl) and 15th (Digital) November 2016.

Eman & El Prevost - Wise Man EP cover


  • Eman & El Prevost - Wise Man
  • Eman & El Prevost - Wise Man (Rob Perry Remix)
  • Eman & El Prevost - Wise Man (Mark Broom Remix)
  • Eman & El Prevost - Wise Man (KoreVex Remix)


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