Italoboyz / Blind Minded / Durant - Episode #14 hero

Italoboyz / Blind Minded / Durant

- Episode #14

Superfiction Recordings | 22.10.2018

Italoboyz / Blind Minded / Durant - Episode #14 cover

The legendary Italoboyz pair are are back with another fantastic EP that features them and Blind Minded on their own Superfiction Recordings label.

It features one of their own solo tracks, as well as one with Blinded Mind, who also provide an original, as does Durant. All four cuts are typically inventive, off kilter house tunes with wild synths and slick drums that bring real character to the dance floor.

Italoboyz have released more than 100 cuts on labels like ViVA, Moon Harbour and Circus and their Truth of Consequence cut with Blind Minded here is eight scintillating minutes of tech house to make the club move. It has rolling drums and great keys raining down and is a real trip. Their own RA-Flection then rolls deep, with warm, loopy house drums sucking you into the smooth groove and filtered vocals adding to the effect.

Bubbles from Blind Minded is a superb house cut with long legged drums, warm and dubby chords and percussion that makes the thing drive along. Mysterious synth sounds add to the drama and make it a real standout. Durant’s Seducer is a trippy, freaky late night house cut with more cavernous drums and watery sounds that will make for a standout moment in any set.

Italoboyz / Blind Minded / Durant - Episode #14 cover


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