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Marco Effe

- Basewax EP

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Marco Effe - Basewax EP cover

AdMaiora continue their journey, searching for the finest techno and tech house and for their 15th release the EP will mainly focus on the techno world with an exclusive EP from Tuscany born Marco Effe with Amsterdam based 2000 and One on the remix side.

Marco has been pushed to the big audience by Sven Vath in 2012 when he released on Cocoon his most famous track ‘Jellied Eels’. In the last couple of years he didn’t stop producing music with releases on labels such as Etruria Beat, On Edge Society and SCI+TEC to name a few.

In his debut EP on AdMaiora he smashes the things with two original techno destroyers. ‘Basewax’ is an heads down big room techno track to set every dancefloor on fire with a nice combination between regular techno drums and Detroit inspired synths. The second track called ‘Rawhere’ another distinctive raw gem which marks Marco as one of the most genuine talents in the techno scene. In this one, massive pad shots, rhythmic toms and delayed synths make the track the next must-have for this summer.

On the remix duties we are more than excited to see the Dutch man himself 2000 and One. The ‘100%Pure’ and ‘Area Remote’ boss makes of ‘Rawhere’ an explosive 909 killer remix, exploiting all his experience as a producer. The things go straight and hard without a break until new pads and bassline kick in to twist all the things done before.

Marco Effe - Basewax EP cover


  • Marco Effe - Basewax (Original Mix)
  • Marco Effe - Rawhere (Original Mix)
  • Marco Effe - Rawhere (2000 and One Remix)


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