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Mella Dee

- Woodlands EP

Warehouse Music | 25.08.2017

Mella Dee - Woodlands EP cover

Warehouse Music is the new imprint brought to you by London based DJ and Producer Ryan Aitchison, AKA Mella Dee. The second offering delivers a tough but soulful Take It alongside a stripped back, percussive and driving Woodlands. He finishes off the EP with a more experimental, acid tinged roller Paul & Shark.

Growing up in South Yorkshire, Mella Dee’s early musical influences originated from the sounds coming out of warehouses in and around his stomping ground. This soon developed into a love of the burgeoning scene and audio palette from warehouse parties worldwide; hardcore, house, bleeps, techno and everything in between. With a respectful nod to the impact this had on him, Aitchison strives to create his own take on warehouse music with his new project.

WM002 is pressed to neon pink vinyl with a bespoke hand-stamp design of the infamous Doncaster Warehouse.

Mella Dee - Woodlands EP cover


  • Mella Dee - Take It
  • Mella Dee - Woodlands
  • Mella Dee - Paul & Shark


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