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- Spoken For EP

Keinemusik | 12.02.2016

NR& - Spoken For EP cover

Almost exactly three years after NR&, a project uniting &ME’s and Rampa’s production with the voice of New York Disco-House-siren Nomi, dropped their debut EP, we finally can announce a new chapter in this ongoing transatlantic menage. This very “Spoken For” EP is comprised of two new tracks, that again fuse songwriting with floor-demands and showcase the same crackling and pulse quickening passion that instantly has become NR&’s trademark. So here’s the evidence – a long distance relationship is not necessarily doomed to get boring after a while.

“Taste Like” on A might be conceived as the club-affair of those two new joints. A tune indulging in self-control, extending the pre- eruptive moment of excitement to track length. There is Nomi’s unmistakeable sexed up oration, flanked by an affirmative thunderstorm of claps, then a bass heavy bridge, overflowing into a noise brushed finale. Altogether a tasty flavour carrier for an effective floor heating.

“Spoken For” is not only the title track, but also the hymn coming out of the flipside ambush. There is no kick necessary to underpin what Nomi’s charismatic croon is laying down. Therefore a wise choice to let the arrangement of interspersed field recordings, percussive details and piano- and synth-decoration exercise in unobtrusiveness. Safe to say, this tune will refine many future peaktimes anyway.

NR& - Spoken For EP cover


  • NR& - Taste Like
  • NR& - Spoken For



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