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- Remedios (Ninetoes Remix)

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Pizeta - Remedios (Ninetoes Remix) cover

Ninetoes remixes Pizeta – Remedios on Kling Klong records, and oh my this track is huge. Having huge success with Ninetoes – Finder the summer Ibiza anthem of last year. He now finds him self in new territory.

This remix does not disappoint with a thumping kick drum and massive bass line which is no dout earth shattering. Ninetoes remake is very different from the subtle and friendly vibes from Pizeta’s original and has been taken into a totally different direction. It has now been transformed into a peak time weapon. Which we have no douts that the likes of the DC-10 lads will enjoy playing this out over the summer months

No clip has yet to appear but you can check it out on Namito Kling Klong Records Mix and also on BE@tv at Nineotoes set from WeAreFestival 2014

Pizeta - Remedios (Ninetoes Remix) cover


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