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- Human Lung Chair EP

Part Of The Gang | 12.10.2018

tINI - Human Lung Chair EP cover

A leading light in modern club music, tINI brings her musical vision and the distinctive sound of her club residencies to her new label, Part Of The Gang – the natural extension of her beloved ‘tINI and the gang’ parties. The label will be home to new productions from tINI herself in addition to fellow members of the gang, with a particular focus on breaking new talent from around the globe.

The journey begins with a collaborative four-track EP from the Munich-born producer herself, backed by a classic Mr. G remix.

Opening track, The Authentic Blach, is an ideal, forward-thinking distillation of her sound: a deep grooving party record already well known to attendees of the ‘tINI and the gang’ events in Ibiza and beyond – a hypnotic bassline eventually gives way to an upbeat vocal sample, while keeping the tone minimal and evocative. Mr. G steps up to work his magic with his ‘Blue Moon’ dub mix, chopping and looping the original’s core elements atop one of the heavyweight house bassline for which he has become rightfully beloved.

On the flip, ‘Shakesbeer’ features a vocal contribution from Steffy Argelich, beginning with soft, twinkling keys, quickly adding in layer-on-layer of frenetic, urgent drums and a throbbing, live bassline. These tightly wound elements rescind as Argelich’s vocals rise into the breakdown, leading to a delicate, dreamy denouement, one that nonetheless retains it’s deeply physical effect on a dancefloor.

The rhythm and the mood is jazzier, looser and more introspective on ‘Synthia’ in which a soulful, enigmatic vocal from dOP’s JAW combines with a melancholy, somewhat reluctant, organ to emotional effect. Skittish drums and a sense of space combine to create real depth, and the potential for an understated anthem.

tINI - Human Lung Chair EP cover


  • tINI - The Authentic Blach
  • tINI - The Authentic Blach (Mr G's Blue Moon Dub Remix)
  • tINI - Shakesbeer ft. Steffy Argelich
  • tINI - Synthia ft. JAW


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