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Gettraum | 02.05.2016

Traumer - Gettraum 001 cover

Each of Traumer’s new releases are eagerly anticipated especially when it’s now known – thanks to his monthly radio shows on Rinse FM – that the French producer wants to work more towards micro-house. It’s been a few months since the DJ from southern France admitted to being interested in this style of music. His techno orientated EP Cold Water, although released at the end of 2015, was actually produced months before its release. It was his desire to work towards micro-house that pushed Traumer to start his own label, as he was constantly frustrated by the endless delays between production and release. These delays created a barrier to his productivity and his constant need for change. With Gettraum, the Frenchman finally found a playground that met his standards. Traumer manages to excel in any genre and this change of direction is no exception to the rule.

Traumer decided to present three new tracks. The first one, called « Ijah » , shows the affinity that the French producer continues to maintain with African percussion, a sound style already heard in some of his previous productions. Over a minimalistic background, the track takes us back to what can be listened to in Romania or via artists such as Ricardo Villalobos. The vocals and the sounds are typically African-like giving the track a house and shamanic vibe. As is often the case in Traumer’s productions the rhythm is expertly defined and in « Ijah » it comes into it’s own in the percussion. It is expertly well put together as a result of his ability to mix musical emotion with a touch of sensitivity.

Whilst Ijah is a very striking track, it is « Classroom » that is the most impressive on his EP. Already used many times in his own sets, « Classroom » has attracted the fans attention now for several months, and many, including us, have been eagerly awaiting its release. It could be risky though, waiting with such anticipation as the track might be disappointing. But not with « Classroom », the wait was more than worth it. Once again, the rhythm is managed to perfection, backed by the percussion and immediately you want to move to the rhythm. The track opens quietly leadingup to the famous drop in the second part with child-like singing, which gives measure to the musical spectrum. The spellbinding music continues leaving just enough for an explosion of base.

Difficult as it is to follow this track, Traumer has by no means finished and he completes his EP with the track Ukus on the B-side. Once again it’s the kick that makes this track. The intro is marked with natural drums, which again gives a strong and varied rhythm. The track also offers a more groovy side, with the ever-present drums being dominant here. It is evident that Traumer wanted to take a few risks thus ensuring that this track stands out from the music he usually produces.

Despite the possible danger of alienating some of his techno fans, Traumer decided to go towards more minimalistic tracks, coming closer to house and Eastern Europe music. This new twist in his music is fully illustrated by the launch of the label, Gettraum. However, we know the French producer well enough that this new label will not limit him to just this style of music. We know that the artist from southwest France loves surprising us as well as himself. This 2016 Traumer is for us – at least – as good as the previous one, and ” Gettraum 001 ” is a new string to the bow of the man we consider – today – as the best electronic music artist on the French scene.

Traumer - Gettraum 001 cover


  • Traumer - Ijah
  • Traumer - Classroom
  • Traumer - Ukus
  • Traumer - Agenou (Digital Bonus Track)


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