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Various Artist

- Prologue

Highpath Records | 24.10.2017

Various Artist - Prologue cover

Stephane Ghenacia and Thomas Roland launch Highpath Records this October, with a selection of tracks from themselves, Alex Arnout, Taymor Zadeh and Jedsa Soundorom, as well as a collaborative remix from Dan Ghenacia and Chris Carrier.

Having a wealth of experience playing in some of the world’s most prestigious venues such as Fabric and The Zoo Project, French producers Stephane Ghenacia and Thomas Roland have spent most of this year working tirelessly on their new project Highpath Records.

The first of three originals from Stephane Ghenacia and Thomas Roland, ‘Punchdrunk Love’, displays an expertly utilised 808 drum machine and a simple yet effective bassline which lay the foundations for thick pads, soulful vocals and spaced out synth transitions. ‘N.A.E.L’ delivers razor sharp percussion and is held together by a chilling Theremin that offsets occasional vocal hooks before a powerful low-end underpins grooving shakers and layers of intertwining melodies that are blended seamlessly in ‘Piano’.

Next, Apollonia’s Dan Ghenacia & Adult Only boss Chris Carrier’s otherworldly take on ‘Punchdrunk Love’ has interlocking percussive patterns and vocoded samples that allow spacey synths to creep in and out.

Alex Arnout’s ‘Outer Places’ is a neat combination of complex chimes and simplistic synthesisers whilst vocal glitches float effortlessly above a drum track that has been purpose built for the dancefloor before Taymour Zadeh’s ‘U Can Handle That’ adds a maze of outlandish synth lines that interlink and transport us to another world.

Thomas Roland and Jedsa Soundorom work together to give us ‘Mioumiou’, where chord riffs bounce playfully on top of a rolling bass hook until ‘22nd Century’, Roland’s solo contribution, exhibits an elastic low- end forming the base for a collection of expertly placed transitions and melodies.

‘Prologue’ drops on Highpath Records on 24th October 2017.

Various Artist - Prologue cover


  • Stephane Ghenacia & Thomas Roland - Punchdrunk Love (Original Mix)
  • Stephane Ghenacia & Thomas Roland - Punchdrunk Love (Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier Remix)
  • Stephane Ghenacia & Thomas Roland - N.A.E.L (Original Mix)
  • Stephane Ghenacia & Thomas Roland - Piano (Original Mix)
  • Alex Arnout - Outer Places (Original Mix)
  • Taymor Zadeh - U Can Handle That (Original Mix)
  • Jedsa Soundorom & Thomas Roland – Mioumiou (Original Mix)
  • Thomas Roland – 22nd Century (Original Mix)


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