YINGYANG & Ren Phillips - AAA EP hero

YINGYANG & Ren Phillips


Jacky & Friends | 22.02.2019

YINGYANG & Ren Phillips - AAA EP cover

The not so innovatively named Jacky & Friends label follows up a high impact first release from Jacky—the boss man and curly haired wild child himself—with another floor facing EP that is set to denote the clubs early in 2019. It comes from YINGYANG and Ren Phillips, a pair of friends Jacky has bribed sufficiently for them to cook up four of their freshest plates yet.

YINGYANG and Ren Phillips are an esteemed pair who have put out their slick house on labels like Roush, Criminal Hype, Lost Audio and more. Ren already made a mark with his heavy UK bass tunes on the likes of Hyperdub before making a successful transition to tech house, while YINGYANG is a fast riser, and together the pair have found real magic in their music making machines. Across the tracks, plenty of robust kicks power along rock solid house grooves that range from deep and driving to percussive and unhinged via slinky and steel plated.

Once again this is another no-nonsense, perfectly fun and functional EP from this vital new label.

YINGYANG & Ren Phillips - AAA EP cover


  • YINGYANG & Ren Phillips - AAA
  • YINGYANG & Ren Phillips - Buddha Flute
  • YINGYANG & Ren Phillips - Jungle
  • YINGYANG & Ren Phillips - Pain & Panic


Ren PhillipsYINGYANG

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