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George Smeddles


Based out of London, George Smeddles, who co-runs Resonance Records with Max Chapman, is fast becoming one of the capitals leading visionaries for thoughtful electronic music. His artistic combination of hard-hitting baselines and carefully crafted sounds has gained him a wave of admiration. However, this month’s mix, sees George take to the vinyl’s with a special house mix; exclusively for UpFrontBeats.

After a heavy 2016, which saw George release the mammoth track ‘Zulu’, with partner in crime Max Chapman, as well as playing events at Do Not Sleep and the Egg, we can personally guarantee that George is set for an exciting 2017. UpFrontBeats questioned George on the forthcoming summer season, what he has in store for Resonance Records and his own personal release schedule.

Can we start from the beginning; do you have any fond memories of how your musical journey began? Who were your inspirations when you were growing up? Can you fill us in on how your first professional gig came about and went? Nervous?

My musical inspirations came from a very young age, with my mum and dad well into all kinds of dance music and being big lovers of house music there was only one way it was going to go for me.

My first gig was when I was 17 years old at Egg Club, London in the main room – to say I was nervous would be an understatement! It was my close friend Josh Watts who got me properly mixing house and garage on vinyl and also my first set there!

Zulu was such a massive hit for both Max Chapman and yourself, but can you explain to us how the fundamental elements of the track developed. Where did you first play the track and what was the response. What production techniques, software or hardware was used.

We made the track on Ableton, it was the first time we got together to make a track so ideas were being thrown out and the track was actually done really quick! I never got a chance to really play the track a lot when it had charted to be honest because I wasn’t getting the bookings back then. I did play it at Ministry of Sound though and the reaction was definitely one I won’t forget.

Resonance Records has gone from strength to strength and has featured some well established artists, but where would you like to see the record label in 5 years’ time? What do you have in store for the record label this summer? Any notable releases we should be listening out for? Personal favourite and why?

Resonance is already one of the biggest labels in London, but in 5 years it will be the biggest, we have already lined up huge artists on the label for this summer and have releases booked in until 2018 already, me and Max are really stepping up this year, so it will be good to see the hard work paying off.

Reflecting on your production and DJing skills, have you identified any areas which need development? How do you go about developing your skills? Any advice for aspiring artists?

I think everyone has their own unique skills when it comes to anything. But I’m a massive believer of you only get out what you put in, so by practicing and making sure you always have the freshest tracks out for every set you play, it makes life a lot easier.

Ronnie Spiteri, Josh Butler and Salvione all feature on Resonance Records next release, but how do you go about selecting artists? What do they have to bring to the table? Can you describe the ideal sound for the label? Who’s the man/women behind the graphics?

We’re being very selective with the artists we sign now. All the producers have a really good background and their productions are extremely strong. We are making resonance about good house music, not just a tech house label. We have already signed a techno EP for the summer too which is going to be massive! We just want to put good house music out there, it’s not about genres anymore.
Leopards Lunch is her business name, her work is amazing right?

Next month, Ibiza officially opens its doors, but where can we catch you playing this summer? Any particular gigs you are looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to this summer, it’s the first time in 4 years I’m not going to be living in ibiza so I want to bring the party to London. I’ll be playing at a brand new event which I think is going to be a really big hit from this year onwards called Sugar. I also have some shows lined up with Domus amd some others that I can’t say too much about yet!

We always associate Ibiza with classic tracks, but what would you say was your all time favourite and why?

I can’t name a favourite track because I seriously have so many.. Astro trax – The Energy is one of them though.

It’s one of the most exciting times of year for music, but what has been making it into your record box over the last few months? Anything exciting we should be listening out for on the mix?

There is so much good music around at the moment! Max is killing it for me right now and everyone knows I never leave the house armed without a few Kerri Chandler originals. I never used to play my own music, but I try and play at least 3-4 of my own during sets now, I have so much of my own music ready for the summer which is nice.

In terms of your own productions and releases, what can we expect to hear over the coming months. Anything interesting we should be listening out for?

I have some releases scheduled on Erase, Hippie Records, Daylight Robbery & Resonance already for the summer and I’m really excited about them!


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