Eastern Electrics - Darius Syrossian Exclusive Interview

Eastern Electrics - Darius Syrossian Exclusive Interview

Interview | 16.08.2016

UpFrontBeats, caught up with Darius Syrossian just before he headed over to host the ‘Do Not Sleep’ stage at Eastern Electrics. We managed to grab a few words, about how his summer residency at Space and what he has in store for the rest of the summer.

How has the summer been treating you this year?

The summer has been amazing so far. I’m doing the whole ‘Do Not Sleep’ thing at Space, which has been fantastic and a real privilege.

How is the new venue? Any regrets moving the party to Space?

I loved the Privilege venue, but how could I possibly turn down playing at Space for it’s final year; it’s a legendary place to play and be part of. I just hope, that the remaining clubs left, and are involved in the whole underground scene, continue to do well; places like Amnesia, DC10 and even Sankeys.

I don’t care what has happened previously with Sankeys and myself. Sankeys is a wicked venue and I’ve loved playing there. I don’t want anyone to stop going there, because we need to keep the underground culture alive and well. We need places like DC10, Amnesia and Sankeys to stay alive, because that is in keeping with the true sprit of Ibiza.

Would you never consider going back to Sankeys?

Personally, I am not one to hold grudges and I’ve loved every minute at the venue. If people would like to see me play there again, then it’s more than likely I would. Management would have to clear a few things first, but I’ve always made my own decision and if I wanted it to happen, it would; so it’s really up to me. The point is regardless of me going there or not, I want the club to do well. It needs to be there, as it keeps Ibiza fresh and healthy.

The ‘Do Not Sleep’ label is continuing to grow, but can you tell us a little about what you’ve been up to?

Recently, Doorly and myself have had a number one on Beatport, with the ‘Gravity Check’ EP; so thanks to everyone who bought the EP. The next release on ‘Do Not Sleep’, features Harry Romero, who’s an absolute legend. We also have an EP from Leon and a super remix from Hector Couto.

Today, I’ll be hosting the ‘Do Not Sleep’ stage at Eastern Electrics. It’s always fantastic to hold your own stage, especially on beautiful days like these. On the stage today, we have Nick Curly, Matthias Tanzmann and Huxley; so I’m really excited about hosting the stage today.

As a DJ and producer, your sound is truly unique. Do you find it difficult to release material on the right label?

I find it very difficult, some times, to sign certain martial to a particular label. I have such a unique style, I can only describe it as, some where between US Chicago groove with a European darker side. However, I’m getting asked all the time to release music on certain labels. I can remember when Richy Ahmed, wanted to me to get a track on the Hot Creations label and we made that happen. So I’m always open to offers. I’m like a mercenary, I just do my own thing. What ever club or label it is with, I always try to do my own thing.

How has the Ibiza season and residency been? Any Highlights?

One of the highlights so far this summer, has to be playing the main room at Space. However, I’ve really enjoyed being a resident at Space this year. I have to say, I prefer being a resident, because real DJing is all about the residency. It’s only recently, well in the last 15 years, where DJing has become about the superstars and guests. In the old days, if you look at some of the best clubs, they all provided legendary nights which were all based around good residences; for example: X-Press 2, Miles Holloway, Elliot Eastwick and Hard Times.

I prefer being a resident, because you get to play each week, building and making the night stronger. You start to familiarize yourself with the crowd and the club, creating that family vibe which is special. When you are guest you get more of the limelight, the limelight’s more on you and not on the night itself.

You have recently featured in MixMag, can you tell us a bit about that?

MixMag, was really big deal for me. I remember, when I was younger, buying MixMag religiously and for them to ask me to provide an interview and guest mix it was real honour. In the 90’s, I can remember the first one I bought, it had David Morales and Moby on the front. David Morales had a baseball bat and the headline was ‘Hand Bag House Vs Hard House”, look how much time has changed.

If I remember correctly, I did a neat little mix for them, I played loads of vinyl.

How is your vinyl collection these days? Has it slowed down?

I’ve never really stopped buying vinyl. I used to run a record store, for around 15 years, which was pretty cool. I was only in Phonica Records the other day, buying new material for myself but also to play. Let’s take a look in my record box and the pieces I’ve recently bought. Here we have some old school Chicago house samplers, there is some belters on them. I also purchased the new Jackmaster compilation, with Dennis Sulta’s ‘Dubelle Oh’ doing the business. I’ve also got some old school Kerri Chandler as well.

I’m still pressing my own stuff for ‘Do Not Sleep’, so my vinyl collection has most definitely not slowed down. I never take a laptop to a gig, and I’m still using vinyl mode on the pioneers.

What’s next for Darius Syrossian?

Once I have finished today, I shall be heading off to Ibiza. We have the ‘Do Not Sleep’ 27 years of Space special, which will be on the terrace. I am going to be playing a special evening set, which will contain tracks that have been massive in Space over the last 27 years. I’m going to dig deep and pull out some really nice old school tracks and I’m not talking clubland anthems here. Tracks like Carl Craig Presents Paperclip People, SIS’s ‘Trompeta’ and Psychotropic’s ‘Hypnosis’, just to mention a few.

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