Piero Pirupa ABODE Interview

Piero Pirupa ABODE Interview

Artist | 21.06.2019

We caught up with Piero Pirupa before his show at ABODE this coming weekend.

You’ve recently moved to London, but are you able to explain your reasoning behind the move? Why London? Was it for work or pleasure?

I already was living in London for several years, around 2011/1015; then I moved to Ibiza and then Barcelona, but there are too many distractions there, and so I’ve moved back in London because I can work better here. I’m very focussed in the studio and on music production, instead of having fun all the time in Spain because of the amazing weather!

Being based in London ourselves, if you were to take us on a night out, where would we go and who would we go and see? Any favourite locations or parties?

London is full of amazing places, clubs, bars, restaurants… To be honest, I don’t have any favourite clubs, If I go out I go for the music, for the DJ I really like.

With one of your successful releases, ‘Party Non-Stop’ on Desolat, being 7 years old, we wanted to know your opinion on the state of electronic music. Are you able to give us one thought on what you like and one thought on what needs to change?

I hear all the time everybody complaining about the state of the electronic music scene, but for me it is not a disaster at all – I mean, there is lots of shit music around which makes it very hard to find the good tracks, but at the same time technology has allowed everybody to get involved in music and to showcase their talent. There are some great producers around, simply because of all these new programs, vst etc.

The thing that I don’t like is the use of samples which have already been used many times in the past. I heard 2 or 3 tracks with the same samples in less than 6 months, all released on very good labels. That’s no good, producers need to do more research into the music or at least find singers to make an original track.

ABODE’s Summer Garden Party at Studio 338 on 23rd July brings an exciting array of talent to the capital; which includes Richy Ahmed, Davina Moss and of course yourself. However, what can we expect from the Summer Garden Party?

I love open air parties and ABODE always throw amazing parties at Studio 338. I heard it is already Sold Out, so it will be a great party for sure. It is my first time at Studio 338 after the accident a few years ago and I’m very excited to get back there.

Your recent remix of Frankie Watch’s ‘Last Weekend’ has been gaining huge support and provides yet another solid release for your label ‘NONSTOP’. As we head into the summer season what can be expect from the label? Will you be showcasing any parties centred around the label this summer?

Yes, last week we had a Live streaming at Room FM and a party at Macarena Club during the OFF WEEK in Barcelona. For the first time we will host a stage at a festival – the 15th of August at Aquasella, in Spain, with me, Hector Couto, Paul Darey and others.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen you release material on SOLOTOKO, ABODE and Crosstown Rebels’ sister label Rebellion, but are you able to share with us your thought process behind your forthcoming release ‘Take Me Away’ on Kaluki Music? What can we expect?

Yes, I’m always busy in studio when I’m back home after the gigs and the EP on Kaluki is one of my favorite EPs that I have made in the last few months, that’s because it has an old school feeling mixed with modern tech house. The lead track “Take Me Away” has got a vocal from the legendary Canadian producer Hayden Andre and the other track, “Life”, is a rolling tech house peak-time track.

We pride ourselves on being a platform for sharing and promoting high quality productions, but can you share with us some of your favourite tracks at the moment? Any summer weapons?

  • S.A.M. – Fury’s Laughter – this is easily the hottest track of the summer.
  • Andrea Oliva – My Way – another huge one
  • Rossi feat Insight – Paradise – this is another beautiful tune

Mental Health Awareness Week has just taken place in the UK, can you share with us how you try to unwind and take your thoughts away from your busy production and gigging life?

I watch movies, read magazines, listen to music (not house/tech house), go out to drink a beer or a wine with some friends and sometimes to the gym/spa. I also love to cook, it’s a great way to make me relax…so good!

As we begin the summer season, where can we catch you playing. Is there anything exciting you would like to share with our readers?

Yes, it will be a busy summer. I’m going to play at some festivals in Spain: I’m in Barcelona for Sonar OFF in July, Colours Festival, Aquasella Festival, then a festival in UK called Jersey Weekender and The BPM Festival in Portugal. Got some exiting gigs in the legendary Italian beach clubs Tini’ and Kursaal. Also, I’m going to play at Pacha Ibiza with Claptone, along with some other gigs around Europe. Keep an eye on my socials for full tour dates!

You can find Piero Pirupa’s next single ‘TAKE ME AWAY EP’ on Kaluki Musik


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