The Carl Craig Documentary Takes Center Stage at Tribeca

The Carl Craig Documentary Takes Center Stage at Tribeca

Artist | 17.04.2024

In the heart of Detroit’s pulsating rhythm, a legend emerged. Carl Craig, the maestro of techno, now embarks on a new journey as his story unfolds on the grand stage of Tribeca. The spotlight shines on “Desire: The Carl Craig Story,” a documentary celebrating his audacious rise from humble beginnings to global reverence.

Directed by Jean-Cosme Delaloye, the film traces Craig’s path, navigating challenges that threaten to silence his beats. From his roots in Detroit’s vibrant culture to commanding stages worldwide, Craig’s genre-defying sound echoes through generations.

“Desire” paints an intimate portrait of a musical luminary, deeply rooted in his Detroit heritage. With a stellar cast of collaborators, including Gilles Peterson and Roni Size, the film captures Craig’s indelible mark on electronic music.

Produced by Bord Cadre Films and Sovereign Films, “Desire” receives support from the Federal Office of Culture (Switzerland) and Cinéforom (Geneva), a testament to Craig’s global impact.

Join us at Tribeca on June 12, 2024, as we dance to the rhythm of Carl Craig’s extraordinary journey.

Carl Craig

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