We speak to Resonance Records label owner Max Chapman

We speak to Resonance Records label owner Max Chapman

Interview | 12.10.2016

UpFrontBeats caught up with Resonance Records label owner Max Chapman, to discuss his recent Beatport number 1 ‘Body Jack’,the label and his remaining plans for 2016.

Many congratulations Max on ‘Body Jack’ reaching the number one spot on Beatport. It must have been a proud moment and something you have been working really hard towards. Can you tell us a little bit about the theory behind the track and the level of commitment it takes to produce a top track?

Thank you for starters!

You have to be very committed in this industry, if you stop trying or slack off then it really does start to have effect on your gig schedule, and if you’re not even gigging yet then it’s even harder. However, there is always hope and if I can do it, then all these young budding producers can too. If you’re one of those, then don’t give up because if you try hard enough, it will happen. Don’t get me wrong though, this doesn’t mean I have reached the pinnacle of my career, if anything I’m going to be working twice as hard as I did before. It was one of my goals but there are plenty more I need to get out there and achieve.

If I’m completely honest, the track was pretty rushed. Elrow, asked me for some music and I sat at home that day and made both tracks on the EP from my laptop in the studio while it was being refurbished. I didn’t even think it would make the top 10 in Tech House, let alone an overall number 1!

The summer season has officially come to an end, but can you share with us some of your personal highlights? Can you recall any tracks or DJs doing the business this summer?

Well for me, undoubtedly, it has to be Solardo that have done the business this summer. Record after record, hit after hit and gig after gig! I spoke to the lads today and up until the end of the year they have about 50 gigs. The boys have absolutely smashed it and also have a track coming on Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations called ‘Tribesman’, which I think is heading straight for the top spot.

I have so many great memories that I wouldn’t know where to start to be honest. Abode at Sankeys in Ibiza was incredible, pure and utter vibes week in week out and I was lucky enough to bag 6 dates with them over on the white isle. I was also lucky enough to play the Sunset Terrace at Space on its final year which was a big thing for me. Not to mention the 12 festivals I played over the summer too – roll on next summer.

With Space and Fabric closing their doors for the final time, what is your impression on the music/clubbing scene and culture of today? How have things changed since you began your career? Do you feel positive about the future?

I’m heartbroken about both situations as you can imagine. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in and out of Fabric most weeks when I wasn’t playing and it had a huge place in my heart. I also think it shaped my style and genre as an artist. My early days of production, were all about deep, dark and twisted music and it definitely evolved from hours spent in room 1.

It’s a shame, that Space is closing but at least we still have the building to rave in next year under a new name. The memories will still come flowing back every time I walk through the doors and as for the brand I think they are bound to have something up their sleeve.

Your record label ‘Resonance’ has been making waves all year, but what do you have in store for the label? Will we be seeing any more releases from yourself? Maybe another collaboration?

Thank you! Yes, we will. I have a remix due for release soon, it’s a rework of a Glen Coombs track called ‘Romera’. I am very proud of the really cool up and coming talent releasing for the first time too. I have been trying to focus on the youngsters of late as I believe they deserve to have an opportunity and a platform to release all of the great music they are making.

As you embark on you tour across the globe, are there any places in particular you are looking forward to playing? Are there any places you haven’t been able to play yet, that you would like to?

I’m heading to Australia very shortly, in fact by the time this goes out I will probably be there. I used to live in Sydney, so it’s a very special place for me. I have so many close friends over there. Mexico is always a belter. It’s another really beautiful place, full of my mates and I have just confirmed BPM over there too; so I’m really buzzed for that. Another, has to be Elrow on New Years Day in Barcelona, it doesn’t get much better than that!

‘Catch Me If You Can’, your artist album which was released on MadTech Records at the start of the year, saw great response from music critiques. Having listened to the album, from start to finish, we can honestly say we enjoyed each track; especially ‘Sophisticated’. But can you let us into some of your personal favorites? How long was the process of creating the album? And, will we be seeing another in the near future?

The album took me just over a year to write, it was a very hard time for me as I was grieving for my late father Gordon. When you listen you can hear the emotion that went into each track, but that chapter also played a big part in my healing process and got me back on my feet and focusing on my dreams again. My favourites are also ‘Sophisticated’ and ‘Resistance’ – they are both sound pretty epic, and I had so much fun making something different.

I was super proud to get two 9/10’s from both Mixmag and DJ Mag, plus the support from my peers was incredible. As for album number 2, I would like to think, I will have one finished in the next couple of years.

More and more artists are choosing to release singles rather than working on an album these days, but do you think there is still a place for artist albums?

The thing about albums is you can express yourself in a way that you wouldn’t usually. You can show people that it’s not just heavy kicks, huge hats and massive basslines. You can tell a story, you can give the listener a little insight into the way you were feeling when you wrote it and connect in a different way than how you would usually when in a club environment. Albums for me are the true colours of an artist’s work.

Over the past couple of years, you have released tracks on some of the best labels in the world, for example: Viva Music, Lost Records, Snatch!, Madtech Records and your forthcoming release on Kaluki Musik. Your sound differs depending on the label and is currently on point, but where do you take your influences from? Can you explain the thought process when creating an original piece of music or remix?

It’s funny, because I can’t pin point inspiration, but I know I soak it all in from everywhere. When I make music I just sit down, play with some drums and see where it takes me. I don’t try to sound like any one or do a certain thing. I just want to make music that I love and want to play out and I’m very lucky that people seem to be buying into my sound.

You have just released your very own Loopmaster sample pack, which has been gaining excellent response. Why did you take on a project of this nature and can you give our readers any advice when it comes to making music?

I was overwhelmed, to be asked by Loopmasters to do this. They are a huge brand and it’s always been a little dream of mine to make a sample pack. I recently found out, that it was the quickest selling sample pack of all time and is still sitting at number 1 on their best seller’s chart which is absolutely mental. I’m actually buzzing to get number 2 started!

You have now firmly established yourself as a leading artist in the world of techno and house, but are there any choice words you would give to an aspiring DJ/Producer who is just starting out? Any do’s or don’ts?

First of all, get yourself to the cool parties. Meet people, network and go to after parties. You will meet some of the best people you have ever met and start to broaden your horizons in so many ways.

In my eyes there are no do’s or don’ts. Just enjoy every second of the journey from start to finish. Don’t listen to people when they say something is wrong or something isn’t right with your music, your music is your music, there’s nothing wrong with it because it’s how you want it to sound and no one can take that away from you. Believing in yourself is the biggest mountain that you have to climb in this industry and once you get there the magic starts to happen.

Of course, you need to be dedicated and put the work in and if you are doing that then you have nothing to worry about.

2016, has been an incredibly busy year for you, playing 2-3 shows a week and releasing music on some of the biggest labels around. Can we except to hear and see more of the same as we draw towards the end of the year?

Yes you can and always will! I have a really busy schedule from now until 2017 and beyond. I will be playing all over the world and releasing music on the regular – and trust me, nobody is as excited as me!

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