Andrea Frisina - Wild Prairie EP hero

Andrea Frisina

- Wild Prairie EP

Gate Null Recordings | 06.07-2015

Andrea Frisina - Wild Prairie EP cover

Definitely, “massive” is the best way to describe this release coming from label boss Andrea Frisina and including a remix of the legendary techno pioneer Joey Beltram!

The original is a masterpiece, a solid techno weapon with an elaborated arrangement, which gives an huge impact to the floor: the whole track is a game of percussions, vocal loops and drums driven by a fat bassline, but amazing and brilliant is the harmonisation of the synths during the pauses as well.

The Joey Beltram’s remix is a fresh version, perfect for the summer, it’s really perceptible his imprint in this arrangement as well, which makes it absolutely a monumental track.

Andrea Frisina - Wild Prairie EP cover


  • Wild Prairie (Original Mix)
  • Wild Prairie (Joey Beltram Remix)


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