Christian Burkhardt, Daniel Roth - Banana Republic EP hero

Christian Burkhardt, Daniel Roth

- Banana Republic EP

Do Not Sleep | 19.04.2019

Christian Burkhardt, Daniel Roth - Banana Republic EP cover

The always on point Do Not Sleep returns with another of its block rocking EPs, this time from the dream team of Christian Burkhardt and Daniel Roth, with a remix from Fabe sealing the excellent deal.

This pair have worked together many times before on labels like Leftroom and Cachai and always cook up fresh new house sounds that are expertly produced, and mix dance floor clout with plenty of cinematic sound design.

Opener Knopp is a clipped tech cut with bobbling drum programming and icy vocals. It’s full of pent up energy and will really pop off on the floor. Banana Republic is brilliantly loose and windy, with trippy synth details and fluid liquid grooves really getting under your skin. Nose Noise is more pure dancing music, this time with detuned piano sounds and freaky synth filters all layered up into something that is unusual and inventive throughout. DEF is the last original and pairs a rasping, rubbery baseline with rapped vocals to fantastic effect. It is a stripped back cut with real attitude.

The Fabe remix is of Banana Republic and chips it up into a late night, sci-fi cut of hi fidelity details, watery pads and bass that really tests you before it kicks off.

This one is sure to do plenty of damage around the world well into 2019.

Christian Burkhardt, Daniel Roth - Banana Republic EP cover


  • Christian Burkhardt, Daniel Roth - Knopp (Original Mix)
  • Banana Republic (Original Mix)
  • Nose Noise (Original Mix)
  • DEF (Original Mix)
  • Banana Republic (Fabe Remix)


Christian BurkhardtDaniel RothDo Not Sleep

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