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Crosstown Rebls | 29.06.2015

Citizenn - Human Interface cover

The wait is finally over, well for us it has. Citizenn’s ‘Human Interface’ album got posted through to our inbox today to our delight. His full-length debut album drops on the mighty Crosstown Rebels. The release date is set for 15th June and should be a main feature over the course of the summer.

‘Human Interface’ explores the relationship between human emotion and technology. Dj’s Mag ‘Breakthrough DJ’ in 2013, has had a steady flow of strong releases on labels such as 20/20 vision, Moda Black, Mad-Tech Records, Street Tracks and Crosstown Rebels over the past years. No doubt all the labels Citizenn has released material under wanted to release ‘Human Interface’, but it was Damian Lazarus’s Crosstown rebels which gets the spoils.

‘Human Interface’ is pure gold from start to finish, with tracks such as ‘Gone’ featuring the amazing talents of ‘Py’ and the massive single ‘Tied’ which had solid re-works from ‘Denny’ and ‘Murk’. The rest of the album really get’s our Juices following with tracks ‘You Are’ ‘Down 4 Whatever’ and ‘Shutter’.

“I wanted to explore this idea of humanity infusing with technology, we have become completely dependent upon it to survive,’ explains Laurence AKA Citizenn, ‘The western world’s obsession with augmenting our natural abilities runs deeper than moving things quickly or getting us into space, it allows us to manifest complex ideas and emotions in an artistic context. Each track on the record is based on a particular theme of human emotion or technological/mechanical attribute, and it’s relation to the world of electronic music. I’ve dug deep to conceptualise each track to this format and attempted to create a journey through my influences, both musical and cinematically.”

Citizenn - Human Interface cover


  • Citizenn - Human Interface
  • Citizenn - Infatuation
  • Citizenn - Control
  • Citizenn - Shutters
  • Citizenn - Tied feat. Aisha
  • Citizenn - Lacefront
  • Citizenn - Oh Bondage
  • Citizenn - Gone feat. Py
  • Citizenn - Down 4 Whatever
  • Citizenn - You Are
  • Citizenn - Lady feat. Aisha


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