Claire Ripley - Malificent EP hero

Claire Ripley

- Malificent EP

Knee Deep In Sound | 12-02-2016

Claire Ripley - Malificent EP cover

February will see Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep In Sound imprint return with a three-tracker from Claire Ripley entitled the ‘Malificent’ EP.

Southern England’s Claire Ripley has been releasing material since 2008 via Tsuba, Dogmatik, Highgrade and Wiggle and playing shows at some of the most respected nightclubs across the globe such as Berlin’s Panorama Bar, fabric London and tours for Circo Loco. Here we see Ripley slot perfectly into the Knee Deep In Sound roster via a new EP in the shape of ‘Malificent’.

The title track kicks off the package and sees Ripley deliver a slowly bubbling workout employing swinging rhythms, snaking bass stabs, tension buildings strings and fluttering ethereal vocal murmurs.

‘Only You’ follows and veers things into more stripped-back, darker realms with sparse, tight percussion, infectious organ stabs and whirring synth drones alongside an amalgamation of vocal chops. Lastly to shape up the package is ‘Yearning’ closing on a deeper tip with soft chords hits, weighty drums and vacillating vocal loops intertwining through the tracks seven and a half minutes.

Claire Ripley’s ‘Malificent’ EP is out on Knee Deep In Sound 12th February 2016.

Claire Ripley - Malificent EP cover


  • Claire Ripley - Malificent
  • Claire Ripley - Only You
  • Claire Ripley - Yearning


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