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Harry Light

- Random Joy

Artreform | 21.11.2016

Harry Light - Random Joy cover

After the stunning success of the previous release, Harry Light returns with a new EP, which includes three magnificent tracks. It lands on the Artreform label, a Ukranian outlet with a great following thanks to its consistent quality.

Harry Light is a Russian house and techno purist from Moscow who is a regular on this label and has a slick sound that finds fans amongst both the DJ and dancing community.

Up first is Random Joy, a New York styled dub house cut with smooth drums and catchy hi hats as well as grinding bass. The excellent Skilled is similar but picks up the pace with some extra skipping garage vibes in the well designed drums. Swede chords and a male vocal help add feeling to the physicalness and it is a fine cut. Helen Pattern then goes a lot deeper with a more stripped back and atmospheric feel that sucks you right in and digital only track No More Palms then rounds things out in moody style with direct drums but an absorbing sense of deep space in the groove.

Once again then Harry Light proves he is in a class of one with his fresh house jams.

Harry Light - Random Joy cover


  • Harry Light - Random Joy (Original Mix)
  • Harry Light - Skilled (Original Mix)
  • Harry Light - Helen Pattern (Original Mix)
  • Harry Light - No More Palms (Original Mix) (Digital Only)


Harry Light
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