Jil Tanner - Ravenergy EP hero

Jil Tanner

- Ravenergy EP

MOOD | 29.05.2020

Jil Tanner - Ravenergy EP cover

Fresh from blowing our minds on Great Stuff, the unstoppable Jil Tanner touches down on MOOD for the first time with ‘Ravenergy’.

Two tracks, two slinky, rolling hypnotic grooves: Jil’s understated tech house elan is showcased beautifully as she takes us on two very different types of journey. ‘Ravenergy’ is all about the warm-up. That subtle, undulating vibe and how it opens out into a wider, warmer groove mid-way. Loaded with her purring spoken word that revels in that shared mindset we all have at those perfect moments of dancefloor abandonment, there’s a slight trace of jazz in all aspects of the delivery here.

‘Flames In Me’ isn’t quite so delicate about its message. Euphoric, emotion-led and laced with a lavish star-bound riff, this one smoulders with a synthy epicity that’s ideal for show-stopping intros, tear-jerking outros or vibe-changing mid-set moments.

Jil Tanner’s ‘Ravenergy’ EP is set for release this May on Nicole Moudaber’s Mood Records.

Jil Tanner - Ravenergy EP cover


  • Jil Tanner - Ravenergy
  • Jil Tanner - Flames In Me


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