Karras Martinez - Clear hero

Karras Martinez

- Clear

Name Dropper | 14.02.2020

Karras Martinez - Clear cover

A belting start to the year with Name Dropper once again delivering its signature curing edge floor pounding House Music. This time rising Spanish star Karras Martinez delivers the goods with ‘Clear’

From a remote place in the north of Spain, bordering the endless Atlantic Ocean and sheltered by the rugged and mountainous coast of Galicia, comes the sound by Karras Martínez.

He started djing at the early age of 14 and got his first DJ residency in 2003 at Txiri Clubbing, Viveiro (Lugo), the town where he was born.

Karras combines his work as a DJ and producer with music school training and music promotion. He also created the music festival ‘Ether: An Electronic Odyssey’..

Karras Martinez - Clear cover


  • Karras Martinez - Clear


Karras MartinezName Dropper

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