Magit Cacoon - Subterranean Fiction EP hero

Magit Cacoon

- Subterranean Fiction EP

Rebellion | 22.04.2016

Magit Cacoon - Subterranean Fiction EP cover

Rebellion is music for the early hours and Israeli Magit Cacoon brings five original tracks to the label, with her enchanting ‘Subterranean Fiction EP’.

Tel Aviv’s Magit Cacoon is both DJ and producer. Currently residing in Berlin, she has been producing music with fellow artist Oliver Deutschmann for over five years. After meeting Damian Lazarus on her home ground, he soon signed the EP and welcomed her to Rebellion. Japanese DJ, composer, producer and vocalist Hideyo Blackmoon features in the opening track ‘Journey to Venus’ and sets the tone for an ethereal and otherworldly EP. ‘Subterranean Fiction’ is a “voyage through a complex underground universe, where one has the opportunity to immerse himself omnisciently in the sounds and vibrations,” says Magit Cacoon of the material.

Celebrated for her ability to discover new talent, Magit became Berlin’s Sweat Lodge Radio resident and founder of the label Girl Scout in 2011. Her remix for the UK act Porcupine Tree and releases on Upon.You Records strengthened her position within the dance scene. Displaying how versatile she is, Magit is currently working on the official remix for infamous rock musician Steven Wilson.

Magit Cacoon - Subterranean Fiction EP cover


  • Magit Cacoon - Journey to Venus feat. Hideyo Blackmoon
  • Magit Cacoon - Subterranean Fiction
  • Magit Cacoon - Endless
  • Magit Cacoon - Mostly Translucent
  • Magit Cacoon - Zone 21


Magit Cacoon

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