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Mirco Caruso

- Yango EP

Paul’s Boutique | 08.03.2019

Mirco Caruso – Yango EP cover

Paolo Martini’s Paul’s Boutique has seen a string of successful releases since the beginning of the year, with tracks provided by Clock (IT), Philip Z and Paolo himself. However, it’s the turn of Italian producer Mirco Caruso to debut with the heavy hitting ‘Yango’.

Set for release this March, Mirco Caurso brings together a 4 track EP on Paul’s Boutique which consists of two originals, backed by two essential remixes from Philip Z and Dee No. It’s no surprise the Italian gets the nod with this one, with title track ‘Yango’ setting up the EP nicely with its playful percussion work, deep thumping bassline and Latin inspired vocal sample.

Once a Hip-Hop DJ, Mirco Caruso welcomes some of those raw elements into ‘One Move One Dance’. Increasing the tempo and energy, ‘One Move One Dance’ sees Mirco Caruso create atmosphere and groove with a packed vocal routine which carries throughout the track.

Both Philip Z, who is making a welcomed return to the label, and Dee No opt for more stripped back versions of the tracks, with Philip Z purely focusing on the bassline and Dee No taking ‘One Move One Dance’ into a different direction with solid percussion and neat FX work.

Mirco Caruso’s ‘Yango’ is set for release 8th March on Paul’s Boutique.

Mirco Caruso – Yango EP cover


  • Mirco Caruso - Yango (Original Mix)
  • Mirco Caruso - Yango (Philip Z Remix)
  • Mirco Caruso - One Move One Dance (Original Mix)
  • Mirco Caruso - One Move One Dance (Dee No Remix)


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