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Phoenix G | 10.11.2014

Mr G - Personal Momentz cover

Phoenix G records releases Mr G’s full LP ‘Personal Momentz’ at the start of November 2014. ‘State of Flux’ was Mr G’s last album which dropped on the mighty Radio Slave’s Rekids imprint two years ago. Mr G has been releasing hot singles in the mean time and its nice to see him back with a feature length album.

The album itself is a sublime deliverance of the sound that has become so closely associated with the UK selector and artist – twelve raw & robust cuts that keep you locked from start to finish. As the title suggests the new project stems from particular inspiration and is best illuminated by the man himself.

“Well, ain’t this a surprise? Took me a year to do the last album and this one wrote itself over 10 days – my first times back in the studio ( aka The Heightz) since losing my Dad! As ever with me the music never lies and, through it, you’ll see the twists and turns I take – outpouring inner vibez and hoping to get to a new destination ………., what/wherever that may be. These are Personal Moments rough rugged and Raw….. pushing some good air. Ohh, and I can hear the mixer needs a service so yep LoFi. Now I’m feeling as though I can see light showing it rays readying me to do battle again with that thing called life……. Hope you enjoy My collection of Personal Momentz…. Dedicated to those who have lost or in-pain and suffering!”

Mr G - Personal Momentz cover


  • Faith
  • Hip Flexer
  • Interlude 2
  • DAD
  • Haze
  • G beatz pt 25
  • Thingz and Stuff (Mango Boy Red Eye Mix)
  • Lifes Riddimz (The Conversation)
  • Lot to Say
  • Angels (Ascending)
  • S O T Uz
  • Dark Heartz


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