Pianol - It's All Over (Pianol Fosc Remix) hero


- It's All Over (Pional Fosc Version)

Hivern Disc | 04.08.2014

Pianol - It's All Over (Pianol Fosc Remix) cover

John Talabot’s Hivern Discs imprint has unveiled it’s brand new EP starring “Pianol”.

“Pianol” is a DJ/producer from the Spanish capital Madrid. John Talabot gave “Pianol” his shot at fame in 2010 by releasing his first EP “A Moot Point”. They have collaborated on many occasions, including the singles “Destiny” and “So Will Be Now” on Talabot’s 2012 album Fin.

“It’s All Over” originally saw release as an anonymous Blanc series single. It grew in stature and has now got a superb re make by “Pianol” himself to add to the EP.

“Bicep” recently aired “It’s All Over” on there Radio Show and loved it. We also share the love here at UpFrontBeats for the brand new “Pianol Fosc Remix”.

No preview is available online but you grab the John Talabot’s Stormbreak Refix for free in the Soundcloud player and buy the Pianol Fosc Remix from the beatport link

Pianol - It's All Over (Pianol Fosc Remix) cover


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