Serge Devant - Always On My Mind hero

Serge Devant

- Always On My Mind

Crosstown Rebels | 26.02.2015

Serge Devant - Always On My Mind cover

Serge Devant returns to the forefront with ‘?Always On My Mind’ f?or D?amian Lazarus’s Crosstown Rebels,?complete with remixes from K?orne?l Kova?cs and P?irupa. F?irst heard on Lazarus’s Essential mix in 2015 and much requested since, ‘?Always On My Mind’ h?as been causing tremors in its wake. Oceanic waves of melody frame muted vocals from Ali Love, resulting in a chiselled classic bridging the splintered sounds of today.

As Serge explains, “T?he diversity of the the remixes really makes this release shine.?” P?irupa’?s remix is a shadowy monster with a d?eviant bassline, allowing the vocal to etch out shards of light. His recent groundswell is undeniable, mapping out a chart­topping string of releases on the likes of Drumcode, Desolat and Noir. Stockholm’s K?orne?l Kova?cs has not escaped the spotlight in recent months, be it through his S?tudio Barnhus label that he runs together with Axel Boman and Pedrodollar, prolific releases on Numbers and Smallville and topping many end of year charts for 2015. His effervescent remix rolls up its sleeves to distill elegance into the original, extending the vocal and braising the beats and melody.

With this release Devant cements a triumphant year putting him back in centre stage after an accident that tore him away from the studio, and digs deeper into his production skills, adding to his growing repotoire of recent releases on Hot Creations’ sister label Emerald City and Crosstown’s cousin Rebellion. D?evant mastered his craft at the legendary NYC nightclubs of the late 90s; Tunnel; Limelight; and Crobar; carving out c?onsistently compelling and dynamic sets. His production career started in 2008 and soon spawned two albums, and a touring schedule that has since seen Serge circumnavigate the globe.

Serge Devant - Always On My Mind cover


  • Serge Devant - Always On My Mind
  • Serge Devant - Always On My Mind (Pirupa Remix)
  • Serge Devant - Always On My Mind (Korne?l Kova?cs Remix)
  • Serge Devant - Always On My Mind (Korne?l Kova?cs Remix Dub)


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