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Sinnmusik | 30.03.2015

Sinnmusik* Miami Remixes Sampler cover

It’s that time again, the Miami WMC! Each and every year the event seems to come around sooner and sooner, that means all the labels have been prepping them selves to determine the sound and vibe of 2015. Sinnmusik* are releasing their Miami Remixes Sampler just in time for the Miami Music Conference. The Sampler includes remixes from Jamie Trench, Adrian, Fasika, Quentin Van Honk and Tom Knight.

Its a homage to the label that they are able to go back and remix some of their work which has done some serious damage over the last few months, giving them a musical face lift so to speak. The Miami Remixes Samplers first track is Jason Pepperell’s ‘Come At Em’ which gets the Adrian treatment. Adrian adds an atmospheric low end vibe to the track with some tight percussions and drum work.

Adrian’s track ‘Push Up’ gets remixes from Fasika’s and Jamie Trench. Fasika’s keeps the main kick drum and groove from the original but adds this sexy guitar riff over the top which gives it an that extra flavour. Jamie Trench dubs the track out giving it a more darker moody feel.

Quentin Van Honk brings the beach and summer vibes to the Sampler with his remix of King Of Rats Feat. Krystal ‘Gifted’. Van Honk uses the vocals from Krystal and adds a bouncy 4×4 house beat.

Tom Knight reinvent’s Vague Recollections ‘Keep On’, most defiantly the most up tempo track on the Sampler, with this deep electronic esk bassline which drives the track along.

Adrian supplied our February guest mix and interview, if you haven’t checked it out yet heres the link.

Sinnmusik* Miami Remixes Sampler cover


  • Adrian - Push Up (Jamie Trench's Vintage Dub Remix)
  • Jason Pepperell - Come At Em (Adrian Deep Down Mix)
  • Adrian - Push Up (Fasika’s Perspective)
  • King Of Rats Feat. Krystal - Gifted (Quentin Van Honk Remix)
  • Vague Recollection - Keep On (Tom Knight Remix)


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