Sven Lochenhoer - Do You Love Me? hero

Sven Lochenhoer

- Do You Love Me?

Dirtybird Select | 16.06.2017

Sven Lochenhoer - Do You Love Me? cover

“Do You Love Me?” is the question Toronto based artist Sven Lochenhoer asks on his Dirtybird Select EP, and after hearing these bangers, we can definitely answer “Yes”. Sven first popped on to Dirtybird with a stand-out track on 2016’s BBQ compilation, “Get Down To This”, and this latest effort once again fits the Dirtybird sound like a glove.

The title track is filled with peaks and valleys, a bit of acid, and a bunch of fun. “On and On” mixes a funky bass, loopy carnival sounds and some deep chords, before escalating into a surging drop.

Exclusively for Birdfeed members, “Amazon” keeps the same vein as the other tracks, but takes a more melodic turn for an understated balance.

Sven Lochenhoer - Do You Love Me? cover


  • Sven Lochenhoer - Do You Love Me?
  • Sven Lochenhoer - On and On
  • Sven Lochenhoer - Amazon [BIRDFEED EXCLUSIVE]


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