Various Artists - On & ON BPM Sampler 2017 hero

Various Artists

- On & ON BPM Sampler 2017

Roush | 09.01.2016

Various Artists - On & ON BPM Sampler 2017 cover

Hector Couto’s Roush imprint opens 2017 with it’s first of three samplers set to drop throughout the year as the label heads to BPM Festival, boasting the likes of Javi Bora, Los Pastores and Arado.

With Couto at the helm, Roush has rapidly gone on to establish itself as one of the key imprints within the world of house over the past three years. With artists such as Steve Rachmad, Darius Syrossian, & DJ W!ld touching down since the labels debut in late 2013, attention now turns to Playa del Carmen, with the Roush team assembling a collective of worldwide talent to curate their ‘On & On BPM Sampler’.

First up, Spaniard Vozmediano welcomes the sunshine from the off with a medley of playful vocals and warming riffs in ‘Back2Soul’, before Arado’s driving ‘Broken Dog’ comes forth, armed with a menacing groove and crisp hats. Liverpool based producer James Organ then introduces the thunderous ‘Beat The Slump’, before Oblack founders Los Pastores provide a delicate break in proceedings, laying down a trademark combination of organic percussion patterns and elegant pads throughout ‘Make Ends Meet’.

Next, Black Girl / White Girl raise the tempo once again with the rolling ‘Closure’, whilst Jacabo Padilla and Javi Bora & IAAM strip things back and gets percussive through ‘On A Roll’ and ‘Time To Tool’, with both cuts clearly aimed towards the sands and sees of the Mexican coast. Closing out the package, Italy’s Atove pairs up with Londoner Apollo84 to drop the rumbling ‘Back All Night’, Le Vinyl & Omez merge male vocals and coos with bubbling 303 lines in ‘Guasapens’, before UK trio Wax On Mare St. tie everything together in fine style with their excellent groove focused cut ‘Road Bloc’.

Various Artists ‘On & On BPM Sampler’ is out on Roush on 9th January 2017.

Various Artists - On & ON BPM Sampler 2017 cover


  • Vozmediano - Back2Soul
  • Arado - Broken Dog
  • James Organ - Beat The Slump
  • Los Pastores - Make Ends Meet
  • Black Girl / White Girl - Closure
  • Jacobo Padilla - On A Roll
  • Javi Bora & IAAM - Time To Tool
  • Atove & Apollo84 - Back All Night
  • Le VInyl & Omez - Guasapens
  • Wax On Mare St. - Road Bloc


Apollo84AradoAtoveBlack Girl / White GirlIAAMJacobo PadillaJames OrganJavi BoraLe VInylLos PastoresOmezRoush LabelVarious ArtistsVozmedianoWax On Mare St.

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