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This And That | 10.08.2018

Various Artists - SSFW02 cover

New on Davide Squillace’s label This And That Lab is the second in the series of their mixed artist release “Spring Summer Fall Winter”, and the latest edition that features original tracks from Davide Squillace, Anja Schneider, Douglas Greed, Mathias Kaden, Alessio Mereu, Lancaster, Nandu, SB-Unit, Francesco Mami, Alfa Romero, Frank Storm and Nici.

Planning to release one for each season of the year every edition is split into two volumes titled “SSFW #2A” and “SSFW #2B” with a focus on textures both audible and visual, and each release will be a combination of fresh talents with veteran artists.

Label boss Davide Squillace who is fresh from his recent album on Crosstown Rebels opens the EP with a collaborative track made with Lancaster whose back catalogue features music on imprints including Saved Records and Get Physical.

Second of the tracks comes from Mobilee Records boss Anja Schneider who along with tracks on her own label, has contributed to other outlets such as Knee Deep In Sound and Moon Harbour.

The third is from Nandu whose distinctive production style has been a regular feature of This And That Lab along with other labels including Constant Circles, Stil Vor Talent, Kindisch and Rebirth.

Closing off SSFW #2A is a track from SB-Unit and Francesco Mami who have previously joined forces for a release on Sunclock.

Kick-starting part B is a collaborative track between German heavyweights Douglas Greed and Mathias Kaden. Douglas Greed has previously released on Exploited, KATERMUKKE, Kindisch, BPitch Control and Hive Audio, while Watergate resident Mathias Kaden has featured on imprints including Ovum, Hot Creations, Pets Recordings and Cocoon.

Alessio Mereu provides the second cut following his music that’s featured on other imprints such as Parquet, Harthouse, Amam and Poker Flat Recordings. Based in Italy, he has been a stalwart of the country’s electronic music scene and makes a welcome debut on This And That Lab.

Track three is from the Alfa Romero duo who along with releases on their own Alfa Romero Recordings, have also contributed to Dubfire’s SCI+TEC, and released classic EP’s on imprints such as Dirt Crew Recordings plus the now defunct Freak N Chic.

Finishing SSFW #2B is a track from Frank Storm and Nici, whose previous collaborations where released on Get Physical and Serialism Records. Frank Storm has also featured as a solo artist on labels including Hot Creations, Frequenza and Decay Records.

Davide Squillace and Lancaster’s track titled “Rockin'” has a deep and tribal sound that leads nicely into Anja Schneider’s “Touch”, which keeps the percussive flow but also adds eloquent dreamy synth melodies to lift the mood. Nandu’s cut of quirky house “Cosmic Agenda” has his trademark shuffling grooves with a stripped back sound and subtle dub techno influence. SB-Unit and Francesco Mami’s “Atoll” has a synth lead melodic groove with Balearic elements that are the perfect way to close off the first half of the release.

The booming tom drums and melodic synths of Douglas Greed and Mathias Kaden’s “He-Man” gets the package underway, which is followed by the minimal groove and spooky atmosphere of Alessio Mereu’s “Yokino”. Alfa Romero lift the mood with the euphoric synths of their cut “Flawless”, before Frank Storm and Nici raise the roof with the trippy vibe of their uplifting track “The Struggle Against Ourselves”.

Various Artists - SSFW02 cover


  • Davide Squillace & Lancaster - Rockin'
  • Anja Schneider - Touch
  • Nandu - Cosmic Agenda
  • SB-Unit & Francesco Mami - Atoll
  • Douglas Greed & Mathias Kaden - He-Man
  • Alessio Mereu - Yokino
  • Alfa Romero - Flawless
  • Frank Storm, Nici - The Struggle Against Ourselves


Alessio MereuAlfa RomeroAnja SchneiderDavide SquillaceDouglas GreedFrancesco MamiFrank StormLancasterMathias KadenNanduNiciSB-Unit

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