Adrian - Monthly Guest Mix & Interview

Adrian - Monthly Guest Mix & Interview

Interview | 04.02.2015

First guestmix of the year for us at Upfrontbeats, and we are super excited to kick things off with Adrian.

Hooking up with Sinnmusik* and releasing on Waze & Odyssey’s ‘Street Tracks has really put Adrian’s name into the spotlight, gaining huge support from artists across the underground music scene. The Barcelona based artist has given us our first guestmix and interview for 2015. Adrian’s tight productions of old school influenced house vibes with a fresh up to date deep bass tones have gained him fans across the globe. His release ‘Push Up’ gained huge support from artists a like and his next EP ‘Bitterdose’ out on Sinnmusik* is sounding naughty..

Adrian Interview

Growing up in Holland, England and Spain what musical influences did you have around you, and how do feel that has moulded your sound today..

Having grown up in a musical family, I think my main influences definitely come from my grandparents (Nina&Frederik). I grew up listening too many different genres so when I was younger I went through different phases, from rock to indie to Hip Hop… and I think it’s really important to keep your ears open to multiple genres especially if you are into the electronic scene.

When getting in the studio, what’s your thought process behind an original production and deciding which remix’s to take on?

When I have an idea for a track: I get down to it straight away and try get as much done as possible specially focusing on getting the groove right, whilst when taking on remixes I need to have an idea for it and sometimes the process takes longer as I am molding something which isn’t my own.

What was it like to see your track ‘MidNight Stagger’ alongside artists such as Ejeca and Citzen on the Street Tracks Volume One EP?

I was really happy when our track got selected for the W&O Sampler. All the artists on the album have been very inspirational in the last few years and because it opened so many doors for me. It’s also gave me more drive to try new styles in production… ?

Your first track for sinnmusik* ‘Push Up’ was off the hook, and your forthcoming remix of your friend Georgi Barrel’s ‘Down’ is sounding big. Why do you feel you guys work so well together.

I think we work well with each other because our styles fit well together and that we both have similar influences in terms of music. I actually was in Kassel last week for a sinnmusik* showcase and got some studio time with Georgi and we have just recently got our first collaboration ‘Back2BassKicks’ on Kosheen’s VA compilation.

Do you have any future plans with sinnmusik*?

For sure! I’m currently working on a remix for their forthcoming Jamie Trench release and also got my next solo effort ‘Rosebud Bitterdose’ featuring remixes by Kindimmer and Matteo Floris coming out on the 9th of February.

Digital Guy or Old School Vinyl?

I’m really into vinyl these days. It’s so addictive!

What is your favourite club to play at, and why?

Lately Macarena MicroClub in Barcelona. It’s extremely small and intimate. I will be playing there on the 6th of February in a back2back set with Carlo Santi.

We do love a classic track here at Upfrontbeats, could you give us one, and tell us why you have chosen it.

Lil Louis – The Conversation
Such an amazing buildup to a simple trumpet loop that has that perfect 4am vibe.

Finally what’s next for Adrian in 2015…

I’m really curious where music is going to go this year… So I will explore new sounds and keep producing.


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