Alan Nieves - Empty Lights EP hero

Alan Nieves

- Empty Lights EP

Desert Hearts Records | 21.09.2018

Alan Nieves - Empty Lights EP cover

The next EP on the label comes from New York based producer and long-time friend of the label, Alan Nieves. Over the last couple of years we’ve been watching with joy as Alan released on some of our favorite labels like Elrow Music, Lost Records, Kinetika Records, & Lapsus Music, and it’s finally time we welcome him to Desert Hearts Records.

His Empty Lights EP is a two track tech-house powerhouse that’s been rocking our dance floors for the better half of a year. The title track Empty Lights is a haunting stomper of a tune that arpeggiates it’s way towards a peak that keeps on giving. On the other hand, the b-side “Contigo” is a drum fueled bomb that’s propped up by an uplighting synth during it’s breaks, only to slam right back into the drum madness.

Alan Nieves - Empty Lights EP cover


  • Alan Nieves - Empty Lights
  • Alan Nieves - Contigo


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