Benoit & Sergio - Old Streets EP hero

Benoit & Sergio

- Old Streets EP

Soul Clap Records | 13.11.2015

Benoit & Sergio - Old Streets EP cover

Few modern dance acts successfully walk the line between pop music sensibility and underground credibility. Benoit & Sergio do it carefully and totally take the cake.

“The first impulse for ‘Old Streets’ came from a moment walking home one night with friends from a bar in Berlin as summer was ending and the weather was becoming more autumnal and sad. So lyrically, ‘Old Streets’, as an ep, is informed by a sense of loss detected in very small moments. A night walking home, or listening to a song by a friend (as is the case in ‘Dancing Shoes’). We also tend to like affective tension between lyrics and instrumentation, so musically we wanted to keep things a bit more in the world of the upbeat. In both ‘Old Streets’ and ‘Dancing Shoes’ there’s a buoyancy, especially in the basslines, that provides a lift to the ep’s lyrical content.” Benoit & Sergio.

Since their early days releasing music on DFA Records (Boy Trouble EP in 2011) their tremendous ability to match meaningful lyrical content with expert music synthesis has set them apart from the rest. We’ve also been friends and shared countless stages with them and that’s why Soul Clap Records is so delighted to welcome them onboard with the ‘Old Streets EP’.

Benoit & Sergio - Old Streets EP cover


  • Benoit & Sergio - Dancing Shoes
  • Benoit & Sergio - Old Streets
  • Benoit & Sergio - Dancing Shoes (Clarian Remix)
  • Benoit & Sergio - Dancing Shoes (Clarian Dub)


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