Chip E & Carl Cox - Time 2 Jack hero

Chip E & Carl Cox

- Time 2 Jack

Intec Digital | 18.05.2018

Chip E & Carl Cox - Time 2 Jack cover

The latest Intec release is a special package in honour of a true house classic originally released at the birth of the genre in 1985, and that features two new reworked versions of Chip E’s anthemic track “Time To Jack”.

Created in collaboration with Chip E, the two new versions have been produced by label boss Carl Cox titled “Back 2 Jack” and pay homage to the iconic vocal, which should be instantly familiar to house fans of all generations.

Anyone who has ever watched or read a documentary covering the history of house music will know how influential Chip E’s original was, as many accredit it with being one of the records that coined the term “Jacking”.

Reworking a classic so iconic arguably takes an icon to do it, and working on that logic, Carl Cox is the obvious man for the job.

Starting with a solid kick drum as the track’s foundation, Carl’s updated version is all around bigger and with a booming sound.

It stays true to the original, keeping the bassline and vocals but also bringing the production up to date with a thickened sound, adding some aggressive modulation to the instantly recognisable bass hook.

Re-recording the vocal has also given it some added presence and really brought out the commanding intensity that many know and love and has done it in a respectful way that compliments a piece of music now over thirty years old.

Chip E & Carl Cox - Time 2 Jack cover


  • Time 2 Jack - Back 2 Jack 2018
  • Time 2 Jack - Back 2 Jack 2018 Instrumental


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