Chris Stussy & S.A.M. - Get Together LP hero

Chris Stussy & S.A.M.

- Get Together LP

Up The Stuss | 04.06.2021

Chris Stussy & S.A.M. - Get Together LP cover

S.A.M. joins forces with Chris Stussy on Up The Stuss as the pair deliver their debut eight-track collaborative project, ‘Get Together’.

Launched less than a year ago, Dutch imprint Up The Stuss has risen to become a must-visit label for quality productions across the house sphere, with releases from Fabe, East End Dubs, and Janeret becoming top-sellers and instant record bag mainstays. However, the label’s next release welcomes a first ever collaboration as Mandar member S.A.M. joins forces with imprint boss Chris Stussy to bring a fresh, highly-anticipated project to the fold. A longstanding favourite within the scene, playing renowned venues such as fabric, Robert Johnson, and Rex Club to name just a few, Copenhagen’s S.A.M. stands as one of the most unique producers within house and minimal. Delivering his cosmic, trippy, and spiritual sound with an effortless groove rooted at its heart, the Danish talent also heads up reputable labels Delaphine, Dahlia, and Oscillat Music, releasing material from the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Butch, and Matthew Dekay amongst many.

A surging artist in his own right and a name at the forefront of Amsterdam’s electronic music scene, Chris Stussy continues to showcase just why he’s one of the most intriguing young talents in the game. With the launch of his Up The Stuss label already proving to be one of the most notable new additions to the house landscape, this latest project represents his most significant body of work to date – with the two producers working tirelessly over a year-long period to finalise the impressive eight-track offering.

From the deep chords, and emotive melodies of ‘Breather’ and ‘Never Lazy’, through to driving, dynamic grooves found within cuts such as ‘Sirine’ and ‘Spaceship’, and the infectious make-up of title cut ‘Get Together’ which closed Stussy’s striking DJ Mag live stream from Amsterdam’s STRAAT Museum earlier this year, the EP celebrates a coming together of two of the scene’s most in-demand talents and represents a re-uniting of individuals through music across a period where isolation has been commonplace across the globe. Presenting a rich body of work fusing both artist’s unique sound palettes to reveal immersive soundscapes blended with addictive grooves and seductive melodies, the eight-track EP showcases a collection of timeless cuts for the club and beyond from two of the most exciting names within house music – welcoming the arrival of one of the year’s most sought-after collaborations in the process.

Credited - Dispersion PR
Chris Stussy & S.A.M. - Get Together LP cover


  • Chris Stussy & S.A.M. - Breather
  • Chris Stussy & S.A.M. - Spaceship
  • Chris Stussy & S.A.M. - Get Together
  • Chris Stussy & S.A.M. - Here To Catch You
  • Chris Stussy & S.A.M. - Sirine
  • Chris Stussy & S.A.M. - Sonic Mana
  • Chris Stussy & S.A.M. - Never Lazy
  • Chris Stussy & S.A.M. - Ethernity


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