Darius Syrossian / Dennis Quin - Harlem Lights / Fuego hero

Darius Syrossian / Dennis Quin

- Harlem Lights / Fuego

MOXY MUZIK | 19.02.2020

Darius Syrossian / Dennis Quin - Harlem Lights / Fuego cover

Moxy Muzik keeps up the momentum with a fantastic 10th release, this time in the form of a split EP between label boss Darius Syrossian, and Amsterdam born and bred talent Dennis Quin. PIV Records bossman Prunk and Darius also step up for remixes to make this a great way to celebrate hitting double figures.

Long time house mainstay and constant innovator Darius goes first and shows that he has been as creative as ever during lockdown. His tune Harlem Lights is a deep and chunky house groove cut with vocal wails up top, and twinkling synth stabs acting like strobes. As the tension builds, the bass finally drops and rumbles on to get the crowd locked in. Prunk then reworks the tune into a more silky and smooth late night groover that has balmy pads and a nice future feel.

Amsterdam’s Dennis Quin is another house master & this release on Moxy Muzik is following hot off the heels of his amazing release on the mighty PIV records. He has also released on labels like Madhouse Records, Inc., Snatch! and many more and brings the heavyweight funk here. Fuego is a tough, infectious cut with steel-plated drums that skip perfectly and razor sharp hi hats cutting right through. It’s pure, stylish dance music that Darius then reworks into a busy, restyled cut with nice warm synth stabs, tinny percussive sounds and trademark drum fills that will ignite any club.

This is another standout EP from the vital Moxy Muzik.

Credited - Jukebox PR
Darius Syrossian / Dennis Quin - Harlem Lights / Fuego cover


  • Darius Syrossian - Harlem Lights (Original Mix)
  • Darius Syrossian - Harlem Lights (Prunk Remix)
  • Dennis Quin - Fuego (Original Mix)
  • Dennis Quin - Fuego (Darius Syrossian Remix)


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