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Elias Mazian

- All Night EP

DGTL Records | 22.01.2020

Elias Mazian - All Night EP cover

Joining DGTL Records’ impressive roster of artists, Dutch-Morrocan DJ/Producer ‘Elias Mazian’ is the latest addition to the label. Succeeding his debut Dutch synth-pop album launched earlier this year, the 3 track ‘All Night’ EP is a much awaited release in the house genre. The new EP is set to release on the 22nd of January, 2021.

With ‘All Night’, the Dutchman ventures back into predominantly house territory, inspired by Chicago house producers like Boo Williams with a side of New Jersey and the NYC ballroom influences. The EP features 2 original tracks, ‘Please Don’t Break It’ and ‘All Night’, plus a dizzying remix by British-Chilean DJ Shanti Celeste. The two artists know each other well, and their collaboration on the track is the final piece in the puzzle to making this EP whole.

The EP’s origins began with Mazian dancing in sweaty clubs on sunny mornings and blissful afternoons. He explains it as being locked in a groove to such an extent, that dancing feels like breathing – you don’t want it to end. This feeling of longing is strongly connected to his production process. With just a few synths, Mazian’s work creates melodies that just keep going. In his words ‘I tried to create loops you can never get sick of’.

The first track on the EP ‘Please Don’t Break It’, is an embodiment of this. It’s housy percussion at it’s best, merged with a magnetic groove. Mazian describes the track as holding onto a moment. The second track ‘All Night’ is one for the clubs. Inspired by the urge to dance all night, the up-tempo house record is reminiscent of all the scenes associated with the dancefloor. The remix is delivered by Shanti Celeste, who earlier this year released an album on her own ‘Peach Discs’ label. Her reimagining of the track encapsulates the early-morning-meets-afterparty sound, and is another reason as to why she is at the top of her game lately.

The artwork of the EP has been designed by Tasso Okinawa, known for his VJ work at DGTL. He is currently curating the artwork series for DGTL Records.

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Elias Mazian - All Night EP cover


  • Elias Mazian - Don’t Break It
  • Elias Mazian - All Night
  • Elias Mazian - All Night (Shanti Celeste Remix)


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