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Enzo Siragusa

- A Decade Of Rave Volume 2

FUSE | 27.09.2019

Enzo Siragusa presents: A Decade Of Rave Volume 2 cover

Mid way through an immense yearlong tour celebrating 10 years of FUSE events, Enzo Siragusa unveils his second album of 2019; A Decade Of Rave Volume 2.

Volume 1 (released in April 2019) exhibited 10 solo tracks from Enzo that meandered through his 10-year journey at the helm of FUSE.

Volume 2 brings in the four members who have remained at the core of FUSE history; Rich Nxt, Seb Zito, Rossko and Archie Hamilton, each collaborating with Enzo to create seven straight-talking dance floor cuts that have fuelled FUSE’s parties, capturing the essence and development of the “FUSE sound” over the last decade.

This is the first time FUSE fans will see all five work together on one release, and a testament to the watertight friendships they have built. Rich Nxt and Seb Zito were by Enzo’s side at the very first FUSE party back in 2008, while Rossko and Archie Hamilton climbed the ranks up to the booth from the dance floor, starting as fanatic weekly ravers of the party.

“The boys and I have grown together as artists. Raving together every Sunday when FUSE was a weekly party, then taking those experiences back to the studio together has made us incredibly close. Not only has the FUSE sound evolved as a result of this, but also our solo careers. We fed our individual experiences back to each other, and in turn back into FUSE. Each of the guys have inspired me greatly over the years. Each have helped influence mine and the label sound. 10 years of friendship, and we wouldn’t have got to this point if we weren’t driving and helping each other so much. The album is a celebration and reflection of all of this” – Enzo Siragusa

Enzo and Rich Nxt set the tone for the batch of euphonic collaborations that follow starting with ‘See you In Ten’ and the straight up grooves of ‘Enriched’. Rossko cuts in second to bring us the engagingly propulsive ‘Dreamers’. Archie Hamilton deepens things down with ‘Aviva’ and ‘Direct Line’. Finally, Seb Zito kicks the gear back up with weaving garage influenced elements to ‘What’s Going On’ and closing with low slung ‘What’s Happening’. All tracks testifying to each resident’s deftness in creating atmospheric gems with the mastermind behind FUSE.

Enzo Siragusa presents: A Decade Of Rave Volume 2 cover


  • Enzo Siragusa & Rich NxT - See You In Ten
  • Enzo Siragusa & Rich NxT - Enriched
  • Enzo Siragusa & Rossko – Dreamers
  • Enzo Siragusa & Archie Hamilton – Aviva
  • Enzo Siragusa & Archie Hamilton - Direct Line
  • Enzo Siragusa & Seb Zito - What's Going On
  • Enzo Siragusa & Seb Zito - What’s Happening


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