Hux - Madiloop EP ( inc Joeski & Manu Gonzalez Remixes ) hero


- Madiloop EP ( inc Joeski & Manu Gonzalez Remixes )

Do Not Sleep | 22.05.2017

Hux - Madiloop EP ( inc Joeski & Manu Gonzalez Remixes ) cover

After much recognition for his most recent EP ‘Chinawhite’, Hux now drops his second offering with Do Not Sleep, an emotionally charged minimalistic contrast to his first EP, showcasing an array of musical styles and capabilities. This four track EP consists of two originals with re-works courtesy of Joeski and Manu Gonzalez.

Opening with title track ‘Madiloop’, Hux gives us a weighty beat to nod along to, decorated with the seductive overlapping of female vocals. The rhythm is simple and catchy, and displays restraint, showcasing each element to it’s fullest potential.

With countless releases to his name under an impressive roster of labels, Joeski has a proven track record and his respectful re-work of Hux’s original is no exception. Maintaining the focus and simplicity of its counterpart, his ‘Sleeve Mix’ sees the injection of further vocal sampling along with stark cut offs and an airtight drop. The melancholy melodies are replaced with ominous synth pads for an overall grittier sound.

‘Withouthoover’ boasts funk influenced rhythms alongside a crisp kick. With a strong percussion line in place, Hux strips the cut back briefly with trippy soundscapes, before a slick drop brings us back to the eminent beat once more.

Manu Gonzalez is next up for remix duty with his re-work of ‘Withouthoover’. He continues Hux’s swinging rhythms with a sharp icy drum kit whilst injecting some of his well known Chicago House style into the mix.

Hux - Madiloop EP ( inc Joeski & Manu Gonzalez Remixes ) cover


  • Hux - Madiloop
  • Hux - Madiloop (Joeski's Sleeze Mix)
  • Hux - Withouthoover
  • Hux - Withouthoover (Manu Gonzalez Remix)


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