Jairo Delli - Badman Posse (incl. Neverdogs & Luuk Van Dijk Remixes) hero

Jairo Delli

- Badman Posse (incl. Neverdogs & Luuk Van Dijk Remixes)

Roush | 04.06.2018

Jairo Delli - Badman Posse (incl. Neverdogs & Luuk Van Dijk Remixes) cover

Early June will see Roush welcome emerging Spanish talent Jairo Delli to the label to deliver his ‘Badman Posse’ EP, alongside remixes from Neverdogs and Luuk Van Dijk.

A rising name within Europe, Tenerife born talent Jairo Delli is the latest Spanish producer to begin making considerable noise within the worlds of House and Tech House, with notable early support from artists including Pirupa, Javi Bora, and of course, Hector Couto. With previous releases on the likes of 303 Lovers alongside Luigi Rocca and CR2 Records, early June will welcome a debut on Roush to deliver three energy-driven original productions, whilst Music On residents Neverdogs and Amsterdam’s Luuk Van Dijk each provide remixes.

Title track ‘Badman Posse’ establishes the direction of the EP from the off, as crisp snares and howling sirens combine with intermittent background vox snippets to reveal a dynamic and lively lead production, whilst ‘Champion Sound’ keeps the energy levels high, employing laser-sharp drums and resonant claps to great effect. ‘Bow Pow’ signals the last of the Spaniards originals, this time opting to shift the focus on driving low ends, whilst a dark, snaking bassline weaves its way amongst crisp hats.

The second half of the EP welcomes the arrival of the two remixes, with Luuk Van Dijk quickly enforcing tough, metallic kicks and spiraling synths upon ‘Champion Sound’, whilst Neverdogs’ interpretation of ‘Badman Posse’ strips things back to reveal an assortment organic percussion patterns, rich tones and soulful female vocal hooks.

Jairo Delli - Badman Posse (incl. Neverdogs & Luuk Van Dijk Remixes) cover


  • Jairo Delli - Badman Posse (Original Mix)
  • Jairo Delli - Champion Sound (Original Mix)
  • Jairo Delli - Bow Pow (Original Mix)
  • Jairo Delli - Badman Posse (Luuk Van Dijk Remix)
  • Jairo Delli - Champion Sound (Neverdogs Remix)


Jairo DelliRoush

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