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- MadTech Winter Sampler 2018

MadTech | 07.12.2018

MadTech Winter Sampler 2018 cover

MadTech finish up the year with its ‘Winter Sampler 2018’ compilation including eight tracks from Josh Butler, Mia Dora, Dirty Secretz, Garry Todd and more.

After yet another successful year for the MadTech imprint following releases from the likes of Tough Love, Cera Alba, Devstar and more, they close out 2018 with their annual winter compilation through a collection of dancefloor focussed tracks from some of house music’s most exciting names.

Dirty Secretz ‘I See You’ kicks things off with garage tinged percussion, infectious vocals and pulsating low end before Javi Bora, Iban Montoro and Jazzman Wax’s ‘Da Groove’ delivers enticing bass grooves balanced with clattering kicks and highs. Origins Rcrds’ Josh Butler then offers up an energetic roller through shuffling drums and hip hop vocal samples whilst Roog’s ‘Bubble Push’ is filled with hypnotic pads, tasteful vocals and winding synth movements which then follows suit in Relativ’s ‘Lean Back’.

London’s Garry Todd’s ‘Take Me Higher (Vocal Mix)’ delivers a stripped back lo-fi beat balanced with alluring synth waves and a smooth vocal line until Clock’s ‘Magnitude’ displays wonderfully balanced hypnotic textures through meditative dubbed out flutters and a deep bassline. The Glasgow duo Mia Dora then finish things off with ‘Myth’ through minimal aesthetics, a tension building lead line and Let The Machines Do The Work’s uplifting singing.

MadTech Winter Sampler 2018 cover


  • Dirty Secretz – I See You
  • Javi Bora, Iban Montoro, Jazzman Wax – Da Groove
  • Josh Butler – Like This
  • Roog – Bubble Push
  • Relativ – Lean Back
  • Garry Todd – Take Me Higher (Vocal Mix)
  • Clock – Magnitude
  • Mia Dora – Myth (ft. Let The Machines Do The Work


ClockDirty SecretzGary ToddIban MontoroJavi BoraJazzman WaxJosh ButlerMadtechMia DoraRelativRoog

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