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- Raw Grooves Vol. 2

Solid Grooves RAW | 07.05.2021

Solid Grooves RAW - Raw Grooves Vol. 2 cover

Solid Grooves unveil the second instalment of their ‘Raw Grooves’ series, as Latmun, Prok | Fitch, Eddy M, Wheats and more head to sister imprint, Solid Grooves Raw.

A project unveiled for the first time last summer, Solid Grooves’ ‘Raw Grooves’ series welcomed the first-ever Various Artists project on sister label Solid Grooves Raw, and in the process introduced a slick selection of groove-heavy, stripped back yet powerful cuts from some of the label’s core family members and closest friends.

Now back for its second instalment, early-May sees label favourites Eddy M, Blackchild (ITA), and Ramin Rezaie joined by a wealth of leading names and rising talents as they welcome UK hotshot Latmun for his label debut, South Coast duo Prok | Fitch, who step out on sister label Raw for the first time following their huge single ‘Indiance’, recent Solid Grooves debutant Wheats, returning Manchester-based talent Kreature, and fast-rising London pairing, Antss and ASH-R.

Credited - Dispersion PR
Solid Grooves RAW - Raw Grooves Vol. 2 cover


  • Antss x Ash-R – Straight Up
  • Blackchild (ITA) – Pass The Blunt
  • Eddy M – Swords
  • Kreature – Seafood
  • Latmun – Again
  • Prok | Fitch – Common People
  • Ramin Rezaie – Everyway
  • Wheats – Is What It Is


AntssAsh-RBlackchild (ITA)Eddy MKreatureLatmunProk | FitchRamin RezaieWheats

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